Rose: Fashion Friday

Online shopping has changed my world — especially with this free shipping and returns thing. Those Shop it To Me emails are working. I’ve been snatching up all the clearance items from Ann Taylor Loft. I love this store’s style. Perfect for work but can totally turn casual in a pinch. Like this black tank with white polka dots. For $6, just wearing this six times would be worth the cost. Am I right?

photo (17)

This next item was a bit of a bolder move for conservative old me. A snakeskin sweater! I’ve been wanting a patterned top to wear with my solid dresses (like the red dress). This sweater is great! It’s extremely light white, form fitting and looks good buttoned or not. I wore it more casually with a tank and some grey pants.

photo (19)

The next picture is a pretty big deal. My first Zappos order! And what a breeze that was. I’ve been wanting to get a going-out dress for an upcoming girl’s night I have in Philly with Jenna and a few friends. I’ve gone back and forth on what to wear but, in the end, I knew I wanted a little black dress. I chose these two options and held a vote on Instagram. While most people liked the dress on the right, I decided to keep both of them for different occasions. Can a girl ever have two many little black dresses? Nope. No way.

photo (18)

The coolest part about Zappos is that I can return the dresses I don’t want for free. There was one dress that was a bit to snug s back it went, and there came that refund.

When did shopping get so ridiculously easy?


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