Jenna: Just a glimpse

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to write about. I feel pressure to be ultra compelling, and not waste your time. I try to dig deep and write about something that you can connect with. 

Admittedly, I know a lot of people personally that read this blog. A lot of them are my friends that live really far away. I like to know that they have some sort of peak into what my life is like. But remember, like all types of media, this is only a glimpse. 

I think its important to realize that what we share here is what we think other people will find interesting or helpful. It’s not even close to the full story. The comparison trap is something we have discussed before, and I think its really important to remember how easy it is to hide behind a computer or phone. It’s easy to share moments that you know will make other people smile. Not so easy to share the raw and ugly moments. I find it commendable when people do, but I also know that is hard and judgement often follows. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy. But just know if we went to lunch, or grabbed coffee you’d get a much different view. I’d talk a lot more about work, and how important it is to me. How it often makes me feel unfulfilled and so much of what happens just isn’t fair. I’d talk about how life can often seem lonely, and how stressful it is to have everything in my life on my shoulders; no partner to share the burden with. 

But this is life. My IS pretty darn awesome. We all have our cross to bear. I try to be defined by how I love others. How I put a lot into connecting with people, and I value my relationships. I try to always know I’m only given the full picture when someone opens up and trusts me enough to share it. That in itself is a beautiful thing: even if the story may be an ugly one.



2 thoughts on “Jenna: Just a glimpse

  1. Amazing post. I resonate with so much of what you’ve said here. It’s hard to show the struggles or the personal weaknesses. It’s much easier to only present the good. But it’s in being honest with our shortcomings or toughest moments that our true selves shine.

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