Rose: Worlds Collide in Philly

This past Friday night was exactly what I needed. The weather was warm. The air felt like spring. And, after a hectic work week, all I wanted to do was unwind with some good friends.

This night has been on the books for a while. The plan was to go see my friend’s play and then stay at Jenna’s and run a 5-mile race in the morning. In hindsight, that may have been a bit overly ambitious. Even though the play was over by 9:30 p.m., there were so many people to see–and there is so much to do in Philly! Plus, Jenna’s been feeling run-down, and I had to run 9 miles (and didn’t want to do so at a speedy pace). And so,  we made the executive decision to not run the race. I don’t ever like being a “quitter” but sometimes you have to choose fun and yourself. And honestly, it was the best decision for all of us. This photo (taken wellllll past our bedtimes) says it all:


I just LOVE this lady. Honestly. I texted Jenna today and said that being in Philly felt like home. I was around the people I loved for several hours and just went with the flow. It felt so wonderful and freeing. Normally I’m an old lady and thinking of my bed-time. It was refreshing to have organic fun again. And, so many random, unexpected things happened.

For starters, I got to see Sam (my buddy in the play). He is so talented and engaging, and I could talk to him for hours. We only had a few minutes to chat after the show, but it was worth it. We’re planning to meet up again soon.

photo (2)

While hanging out after the show, Jenna’s friend Christina met up with us. She’s randomly in town from Florida! I’ve been following her on Instagram and feel like I know her through chats with Jenna. She showed up, and it turned out her sister knew Sam. Um, what? I never knew Philly was so small. Christina hung out with us for a bit, and it was so great meeting her in real life!

photo (3)

Other odd sightings: I ran into an old classmate of mine from college. I haven’t seen him in SEVEN YEARS. At least. Also, my cousin (not Jenna, but another cousin) spotted M outside the bar. Like I said, I never knew Philly was so small.

Suffice it to say, you should always leave room in your schedule for organic fun. The people you see … the places you go. It’s funny how life has a way of bringing everything full circle.


Jenna: Two Ingredient Pancake

Hello friends! I had a great vacation, but its been a bit crazy since I returned. My computer also crashed this week…I’m still getting use to the fact that the keys barely make a noise when I type.

Anyway, I had to catch a shuttle at 4:45am (yikes) Sunday to come home. By the time the evening rolled around, I was completely beat. I wanted something quick, light, and that contained peanut butter. Enter: The Two Ingredient Pancake.

There are a lot different versions of this out there, but I like this one.

One banana
One egg

Place in a bowl. Using a fork, mash the banana and begin working in the egg. Do this for a few minutes until it resembles batter. Pour batter onto a skillet that’s on medium heat. Flip after three minutes and eat side is golden brown.

twoingredientpancakeSerious yum. I topped mine with a bit of honey, peanut butter and cinnamon.

Breakfast or dinner, this is awesome, clean, quick, gluten free and delicious.

Rose: A Work-and-Play Weekend

This weekend had a mix of all the right things. And I love weekends that pass in that way.

Friday night was spent with friends. Happy hour after work. Games after that. Late-evening pizza. No regrets.

The next morning, I was up and at ’em to get my long-run in for the week. I conquered 8 miles at my fastest time yet!

photo (31)

I’ve switched my long-run day from Sunday to Saturday, and it’s been a great decision. My legs are alive and awake on Saturdays, and it gives me time to fully rest on Sundays. This past Saturday, I ran on the canal trail near my place. This flat, dirt-covered trail stretches for dozens of miles. I’ve come to love certain parts of the trail more than others, particularly the northern part of the trail. It’s less swampy and muddy there, and I’m able to burn rubber without fear of falling.

After my run, I was pretty worn out and dehydrated. I spent a couple hours lounging at home, getting caught up on Parenthood and drinking water. By about 5 p.m., I was feeling recovered again which was a good thing, since we headed to a concert in Philadelphia. We saw Cate Le Bon and Warpaint and enjoyed both shows quite a bit. Oh, and did I mention we ate some tasty Venezuelan food beforehand? Yum.

photo (30)

Sunday was a mix of work and play. I mostly worked on my side projects, freelance stuff and grabbed coffee with a friend. I’m trying to introduce a craft night here in town, and I’ve got four takers! So that’s certainly a start. M and I ended the evening by playing cards and listening to records (are we old or what?). I am now obsessed with trying to master the game Casino:

photo (32)

So far, I’ve been failing miserably.

Weekend: I want you back. You were fun, relaxing and productive.

Jenna: Broad Street Run Training

It’s official! I am training for the Broad Street Run! It’s a huge 10 mile race here in Philadelphia that will take place on May 4th. Not only will this be the longest race I’ve ever run, but it will be the longest run I’ve done…ever. And I am SEVEN weeks out!

I’m starting to get a little nervous about it. I was trying to train on my own, but the weather has really put a damper on doing my own thing since I hate treadmill training. I started searching plans and I think I am going to follow this one.  The Hal Higdon Plans have gotten pretty good reviews from a few people and blogs, so I figured it was a good bet.

I did complete 4 miles on the treadmill today at around an 8:34 pace. I know this pace will NOT be sustainable for 10 miles so I’ll have to work on adjusting that when I run outside.

Some advice I need is how to fuel for the really long runs, before and after. Any help would be much appreciated.

I’m anxious about this one.  I never thought I’d ever run this far, because running is really hard for me. I’m not naturally good at it. However I do love that it challenges me. I think that’s why I keep going back to it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Any words of encouragement or advice would be much appreciated!

Rose: Fashion Friday

I have to say: when I opened the FedEx package and saw this shirt, I wasn’t a fan. In fact, I wondered: “Did I even buy this?” When you’re buying sale items, sometimes clothing becomes unavailable and you get refunded. I always forget about what’s actually coming to the house. Nevertheless, after I put this shirt on before work, I was pretty happy with the pattern and style. It’s delicate and works quite well with earthy colors like rust and blue. I am seriously digging this outfit now.

photo (29)

I haven’t gone too crazy with my recent purchases. Just some basic shirts. I snagged this tank for a few bucks, and I like the design. Though M said, “This looks exactly like another shirt you own.” I guess I am rather predictable with my fashion, huh? Though I am not certain the green sweater was the right choice. A brighter color (like pink) would have been better, but my only pink sweater is super long and looks odd on my short frame. Fashion dilemmas!

photo (28)

I might take a break from shopping this week. I haven’t seen any good sales recently, and, with the weather warming up, I might need to check out some spring looks. I might be set in terms of sweaters for the rest of my life.

How are you getting fashionable?