Rose & Jenna: Week 1 of the 21-Day Fix

Week one is in the bag. We made it! There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall, we’re digging on this program and looking forward to seeing what the next two weeks bring.

As promised, here’s the exclusive recap of our first week on the program. Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Feel free to leave it in the comments, and we’ll get back to you.

Q: Let’s get the results out of the way first. How many pounds did you lose after one week?

Rose: I ended up losing four pounds in the first week. Simply incredible – I almost didn’t believe the scale. I am now only six pounds from my weight goal.

Jenna: I really do hate the scale. My weight fluctuated all week. At one point I saw down 4 pounds, which is my goal weight. I got thrown off track Thursday night and a bit through the weekend so I netted out with 1 pound down. I’ll consider this a victory since my body is VERY comfortable where it is, and I still felt like I fit in some fun this weekend.

Q: Are you strictly following the plan and the exercise routine? Why or why not?

Rose: Yes! I didn’t want my body entering starvation mode, so I stuck with the workouts. While I miss my 400-500-calorie blast sessions, I also liked the Fix workouts. They have enough variety to keep me interested, and they definitely target all the muscle regions. I mixed things up a bit on Saturday morning by taking a FlyWheel spinning class with Jenna that burned 600 calories. That made me feel the burn.

In terms of food, yes – I am being very strict about following the plan. I can’t say this about Friday night, but all of the other days were in check. I ate an extra couple containers on Wednesday (extra yellow, extra purple) because I was famished. And I’ve also been using half n’ half and PB2 in my morning coffee and shake respectively. Both aren’t Fix approved, but, again, I work out to enjoy small amounts of half ‘n’ half.

Jenna: I exclusively stuck to the plan on the days where my calorie burn was minimal. However, my body needed more fuel on the days where I burned 400+ calories. I can also tell that my metabolism has sped up a lot the last few months, which is great — however there were days this week where I felt a bit off from the calorie/sugar restrictions. This was good though! A shock to the system is what I needed to get back on track. Friday I stuck to it 90% and Saturday I think I was actually down some food but caved to a candy craving :/ Must have been that Flywheel burn 🙂 I did just get back from Sunday brunch where I ate a few “unapproved” foods. However, the rest of today will be full of a shake, protein, and vegetables. I’ll go run it off 🙂

Q: What was the hardest part of this past week?

Rose: Wednesday! I don’t know what happened that day. I was hungry from morning to night. All I could think about was food. This wasn’t your average “I’m bored. I want a snack.” This was full-on: I could eat ANYTHING. I decided to grab a shake as soon as I got home. That helped tremendously. I had a very hard time sticking with the plan while traveling, too. It’s just too easy to drink too many glasses of wine. It’s also to easy to ignore the butters/oils used in food you order out. But I made the best decisions I could and didn’t overeat. I still think it’s a victory.

Jenna: The hardest part was trying to get the plan to fit into real life. Sure, it’s easy to follow during the week when I’m totally in control of what I bring to work (however, someone did put a piece of cake on my desk Thursday that I successfully avoided) and what’s consumed at home for dinner. I still haven’t really mastered how to get this to work while dining out or eating a friends place. It’s quite restrictive, and as much as I’d love to be that person whipping our plastic containers during a night out, it’s just not going to happen. Bottom line: THIS WORKS. REALLY WELL. But you have to stick to the plan.

Q: What most surprised you about either the plan or yourself?

Rose: I went to dinner on Saturday night with a friend and got a stuffed acorn squash (had lots of veggies). About three bites in, I felt full. I’ve noticed that I am getting fuller a lot faster. My friend said, “Maybe this is because of the Fix. Your body is used to having less. Your old portions are now feeling too big.” She’s spot on. Likewise, I’m proud of myself for my determination. Admittedly, there were times I want to quit. But in the end, I know this is reteaching my proper portions AND it’s helping me get to my optimal level of health.

Jenna: I really shouldn’t be, because its common sense, but I’m surprised at the results that I saw following the plan strictly for just a few days. And at the success of our other challengers. I felt so good after following it strict for a few days. All my bloat was gone and my body felt fueled.


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