Jenna: We so fly

Rose and I had a great time together this weekend. Rose and a friend came into Philadelphia to hang out with me for Friday night. We ate good food, drank some wine, sang, and danced. Good ol fashioned good time.

Rose and I also followed one of my “win the weekend” rules; we scheduled an early morning spin class at Flywheel Philadelphia. Lucky for us, we not only burned 600 calories, but we also got to enter their fun photo booth.

flywheelphotoboothWe are pretty fly if you ask me. We did stay up way past my bedtime, so I rested the remainder of Saturday. In preparing for this crappy weather and cold, I scheduled groceries to be delivered Sunday morning from Fresh Direct. It really is awesome. They don’t offer the service everywhere, but I can go online and in about 20 minutes place my order. They have lots of introductory deals, so check them out (free delivery, etc). I’m telling you; it makes planning and meal prep really easy. Especially if you don’t have a car and dragging groceries home in the snow doesn’t sound appealing…

fixapprovedOnce meal prep was done, I relaxed and watched the Oscars. I’ve been feeling a bit fatigued lately so lots , of rest happened.


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