Rose: Fashion Friday

I’ve never had a job where I really had to dress up. So, picking outfits for work events is hard. Every other month or so, I have to staff an event in NYC. The pressure is on! What to wear that will be 1. functional/comfortable and 2. stylish. I did the best I could with an out-of-date closet:

photo (22)

[Jacket: Gap, Dress: NY&Company, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Aerosoles, Tights: Hue]

Almost all of these items were purchased years ago. This dress been a go-to favorite of mine because it fits just right. The shoes, which are the newest item, were a bit much walking through the city — but I made them work. I wasn’t sad to take them off at the end of the night. All in all, I felt like this outfit did what it needed to do. Now I just need to get a matching suit dress, and I’ll be set.

As for other items, I’ve still been using Shop it To Me to update my wardrobe, and I scored this tank for about $10. If I was a Steelers fan (I know, for shame), it’d be perfect for game-day. The flecks are goldish in color. It’s perfect for under any sweater. And I really like the length of it, too.

photo (23)

Thank you for indulging in these fashion pics. Yes, as M pointed out earlier, these photos ARE taken in a restroom at work. I have no shame. And the mirror I have at home was found on the side of the road, so I’m not sure it’s an actual reflection or a fun-house mirror. Nevertheless, these posts help me at least feel like I’m tackling this whole fashion thing. One week at a time, right?


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