Rose & Jenna: 21-Day Fix, Final Week

Well, we officially finished Round 1 of the 21-Day Fix! It was certainly full of ups and downs and, while we didn’t follow the program to a T 100% of the time, we still saw some great results and learned a lot. Here’s our final recap. We will continue to post about the 21-Day Fix as we go through more rounds, sharing our honest and candid responses.

Q: Let’s get the results out of the way first. How many pounds did you lose during the last week? How many is that in total?

Rose: My weight honestly hasn’t budged since the first week. So, in total, I lost four pounds. I didn’t calculate inches. I am happy with these results because it is REALLY hard for my body to lose. I am now five pounds from goal. (I will eventually post final result photos.)

Jenna: I lost about 3 pounds total. About one pound came off each week. I am more than happy with these results. After falling off plan though, my body will bounce back and retain a lot of water. I really try to not use the scale as a gauge, but it is what it is.

Q: Did you strictly follow the plan and exercise routine this week? Why or why not?

Rose: No. As I noted last week, I’ve had my cheats here and there. Weekends have been the hardest. But day to day, I followed the plan quite strictly. There was only one day last week where I had to up my container amounts after a hard exercise day but that was only one additional carb. In terms of exercise, I really didn’t think the DVDs were hard enough for me. My calorie burns were rarely over 200, and I look for at least 350-400 per day. I started training for a half marathon, too, so that took priority. All told, I burned 2,500 calories in one week through exercise, and most of that was through a mix of running, T25 and INSANITY training.

Jenna: No. I kicked up my workouts a lot and then fell off. 21 day Fix or not, this past week was really hard for me. I had a lot of extra socializing planned and as we’ve stated before this plan is really hard to stick to when you are out and about or traveling. It doesn’t really allow for dining out (which is why dining out in general doesn’t help with fitness goals…) so if you are sticking to it 100% I would suggest blocking your social calendar for 21 days. No excuses, but the last 1/2 a week I fell off plan completely.

Q: What was the hardest part of this past week?

Rose: The weekends. I just don’t find this plan to be conducive to eating out. You can select healthier options, sure. And the plan puts you in a good mind frame for that, which is good. But you can’t just whip out your containers and measure things. So, that makes it tough. I also tend to want to “relax and veg” over the weekend which involves a less-regimented schedule and dining out. Therefore, it was often hard to stick to my 5-6 mini meals per day, fitting in all the colors on top of that.

Jenna: I had a night out planned Thursday, a work happy hour and concert Friday, and a trip to NYC Saturday. This plan just didn’t fit into those plans. My set plans def. were the hardest part. I also mentally wasn’t there. I was feeling hormonal and veggies just didn’t cut it.

Q: What most surprised you about either the plan or yourself?

Rose: I am maintaining a weight loss. That, alone, is a victory for me. My weight usually fluctuates week to week, and I’m always gaining and losing the same two pounds. Not with this plan. I’ve actually been able to keep it at a lower number consistently! I also feel healthier, have more energy and don’t feel bloated anymore.

Jenna: I was actually surprised at how difficult it was for me to stick with it on the weekends. I was also surprised at how good I would feel while on the plan. After this past weekend, even though we are officially done, I whipped out my containers today and packed them with healthy food. I can’t wait for my stomach to feel better.

Q: How do you feel about the program overall? Was it worth the investment?

Rose: Absolutely. This Fix is definitely going to come in handy. I will continue to prepare my lunches in advance, using the containers for portion control. I will also use it for my breakfasts and dinners. During the next round, I will eliminate more of the cheats. I want to see if that will change things. I’ll likely follow this plan quite strictly three weeks before an event — as the program is intended. But I will utilize it for portion control in my daily life from here on out. At the same time, I won’t stress if I’m out and about and can’t measure my foods. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to renew their health passions and rein in the portions!

Jenna: The containers and DVDs were worth it on their own. I learned so much about portion control, and what portions of which food I need to be eating. As the program intends, this program will get you results and fast. But you have to stick with it 100%. We had challengers lose 3-8 pounds over the 21 days. Following it strictly WORKS.


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