Jenna: What’s your WHY?

I feel like things come in waves, and lately health and fitness has been popping into a lot of conversations I’ve been having with people. It comes up often, but not on the regular. At work, hanging out with friends, connecting on social media: it seems to be a topic lately.

These conversations have got me thinking about WHY people start. But more importantly, WHY they stay long enough to make it a serious lifestyle change and see results. I think your WHY is the first question you should ask yourself. And if any of these topics come to mind, you need to perhaps dig deeper.

shapemagazinecaptureYes, that’s a legit screen shot that I took off of the Shape Magazine website. I was honestly appalled by this. IT HAS TO BE ABOUT SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! If you’e looking for an appetite suppressant or a bikini body, you aren’t even close to being ready to embark on something that’s going to stick. Or something that you’ll feel motivated enough to stick with long term.

My WHY is explained in the About Me section of the blog. I was tired of feeling sick, bloated, stressed and mentally stressed. I wanted to fuel my body with proper fuel and push myself to fit in workouts to my crazy schedule. I wanted to make myself a priority, and feel the best way I knew possible.

I challenge you to dig deep and consider your WHY. It’s the first place to start.


One thought on “Jenna: What’s your WHY?

  1. My WHY is strictly mental health. Sometimes a walk is enough, sometimes it takes a demanding workout. I gravitate toward workout programs and challenges because I love to accomplish things – they keep me going even when my mind says “I don’t wanna.” The other ‘side effects’ are just bonus points!

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