Rose: Experimenting with Birchbox

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid by Birchbox to write this review. I signed up for an account my own self!

I am late to the train that is Birchbox. This is a service in which you pay $10 a month to receive a box full of samples. These items range from make-up to lotion to Earl Grey tea. It’s a try-it-before-you-buy it kind of service. And it gives you just enough of something to decide if you want to invest.

photo (25)

Their marketing plan is genius. They’ve given free subscriptions to bloggers to review. After seeing pictures and posts about Birchbox, I jumped on the train. See how this works? You got me, Birchbox.

After my recent make-up bender, I decided that I want to continue branching out when it comes to skincare. I was amazed at how much my skin has improved after spending a little money on quality products. What better way to do this than through samples? Yesterday, I got my first shipment. Overall, I was pretty pleased.

photo (26)

The packing is great. The colorful tissue gives the basic box a pop of color. And the items were perfectly positioned (I reorganized them for photography purposes). Inside was a checklist of the products, retail costs and where you could purchase them. This box included: Ghiradelli chocolate square (already consumed), Agave hair oil, Apples lip/cheek illuminator, body lotion, sunscreen and Organic Earl Grey tea.

So far, I’ve eaten half the chocolate square and used the lotion and lip balm. The lotion has a perfume scent I really enjoy, and the balm is a wave of color on these otherwise pale lips. Sadly, the balm doesn’t smell like apples (a girl can dream). It’ll probably be a while until I try the tea, but I do plan on using the sunscreen if Spring ever rolls around.

Here’s a cleaner look of the products:

photo (27)

Overall, I’m pleased with the offerings and will gladly pay $10 for a mystery surprise box. It’s a fun “gift” to look forward to, and it gives me the ability to try different items without buying them in full.

Do you receive Birchbox? What are your impressions? 


3 thoughts on “Rose: Experimenting with Birchbox

  1. I love birchbox! My credit card was hacked awhile back, so I had to get a new one, and my membership stalled when the number changed. I haven’t signed back up yet, because I am trying to pinch pennies, but I miss it! I found a ton of great products and loved that you could rack up points through reviews to use for purchases.

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