Jenna: Travel woes

I’m on vacation! Yay! Disney World and warm weather here I come! I’ve been looking forward to this time with family and really unwinding for quite some time now. I need a break from winter!

However, I’m a little stressed out about it. Here are a few things I’m doing to clear my head and get ready for it.

  •  I’m writing a tentative schedule for each day so I know what to expect. We have pre bought the meal plan at Disney and I’ve been assured they have healthy options. I’ll keep you posted. Regardless, I’ll be packing some of my own food. Shakeology, almond milk, travel blender, Lara bars, Luna bars, and fruit. Boom.
  • Workouts: We have a gym at the hotel, and I want to plan to workout each morning. I also want to get some running in outside while I’m gone to stay on track with Broad Street Run prep.
  • Prep at work. Knocking out my to do list so I can try unplug while I am gone.

I’m honestly trying to figure out a mental game plan for balancing “being on vacation and enjoying myself” and “sticking to a reasonable healthy eating and workout regime so I don’t have a stomach that feels like crap for half of it and three days after I return”. I totally fell of this past weekend, and my body and stomach and feeling it today. If I fall off I ultimately won’t have a good vacation because I’ll feel awful and bloated for most of it.  I know there are certain things that throw my system off so I will do my best to avoid those.

In the mean time, I have to go start packing. Here’s to a happy and healthy vacation! How do you balance vacation while still sticking to your WHY?

Last time I saw the beach!

Last time I saw the beach!


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