Rose: Fashion Friday

I have to say: when I opened the FedEx package and saw this shirt, I wasn’t a fan. In fact, I wondered: “Did I even buy this?” When you’re buying sale items, sometimes clothing becomes unavailable and you get refunded. I always forget about what’s actually coming to the house. Nevertheless, after I put this shirt on before work, I was pretty happy with the pattern and style. It’s delicate and works quite well with earthy colors like rust and blue. I am seriously digging this outfit now.

photo (29)

I haven’t gone too crazy with my recent purchases. Just some basic shirts. I snagged this tank for a few bucks, and I like the design. Though M said, “This looks exactly like another shirt you own.” I guess I am rather predictable with my fashion, huh? Though I am not certain the green sweater was the right choice. A brighter color (like pink) would have been better, but my only pink sweater is super long and looks odd on my short frame. Fashion dilemmas!

photo (28)

I might take a break from shopping this week. I haven’t seen any good sales recently, and, with the weather warming up, I might need to check out some spring looks. I might be set in terms of sweaters for the rest of my life.

How are you getting fashionable?


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