Rose: A Work-and-Play Weekend

This weekend had a mix of all the right things. And I love weekends that pass in that way.

Friday night was spent with friends. Happy hour after work. Games after that. Late-evening pizza. No regrets.

The next morning, I was up and at ’em to get my long-run in for the week. I conquered 8 miles at my fastest time yet!

photo (31)

I’ve switched my long-run day from Sunday to Saturday, and it’s been a great decision. My legs are alive and awake on Saturdays, and it gives me time to fully rest on Sundays. This past Saturday, I ran on the canal trail near my place. This flat, dirt-covered trail stretches for dozens of miles. I’ve come to love certain parts of the trail more than others, particularly the northern part of the trail. It’s less swampy and muddy there, and I’m able to burn rubber without fear of falling.

After my run, I was pretty worn out and dehydrated. I spent a couple hours lounging at home, getting caught up on Parenthood and drinking water. By about 5 p.m., I was feeling recovered again which was a good thing, since we headed to a concert in Philadelphia. We saw Cate Le Bon and Warpaint and enjoyed both shows quite a bit. Oh, and did I mention we ate some tasty Venezuelan food beforehand? Yum.

photo (30)

Sunday was a mix of work and play. I mostly worked on my side projects, freelance stuff and grabbed coffee with a friend. I’m trying to introduce a craft night here in town, and I’ve got four takers! So that’s certainly a start. M and I ended the evening by playing cards and listening to records (are we old or what?). I am now obsessed with trying to master the game Casino:

photo (32)

So far, I’ve been failing miserably.

Weekend: I want you back. You were fun, relaxing and productive.


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