Rose: A New Duvet

I’m in the process of re-doing my room. I really didn’t like the color scheme before, and I want the look to be more cohesive. After much planning (and consultations with friends–thank you all!), I’ve decided to use a gray-yellow-purple color scheme. Gray and yellow will be the biggest colors with purple accents around. Slowly but surely, I’m building my room in the way that I want. Step one: buy a new duvet cover.

I was going to go through West Elm, but the duvet I wanted was on major backorder. So, I scouted other duvets and stumbled upon Crane & Company. I’m so glad I found this company. Not only are their linens beautiful, but their package came with a personal touch:

photo (34)

Handwritten notes go a long way with me. Kudos, C&C. Not only that, but the duvet is absolutely beautiful. It provides this fluffy and luxurious look. It makes going to bed feel like a dream. Now to get the rest of my room in order. Stay tuned for more “remodeling” images!

photo (35)


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