Jenna: Long (painful) Run

Hello friends! As I wrote about before, I am still training for the Broad Street Run! However, things have been a little nutty lately. I was in Florida for vacation, home for a few days (that turned out to be really busy but fun!) and then was off to Florida again for work. Once I returned, I moved the next day into a new apartment.


I was feeling really exhausted from the move Friday, but wanted to be sure I got a long run in. Keep in mind, I hadn’t hit the pavement since I was on vacation. Regardless, I knew I needed this run to feel confident about the race. So I ran. For 9 miles.

crazy post run hair

crazy post run hair


The problem was, something on the outside of my knee started REALLY giving me trouble around mile 6. I stopped to walk for a few seconds, and it would feel ok.  So I (admittedly dumb) just kept going. I really needed to see that number 9 to feel better about the days I had taken off and feel prepared for this race.

Well, I paid for it the last few days. According to Dr. Google I think it’s my IT band.


Hot, right?

It appears to be a pretty common running injury that heals quick on its own if you rest it. I’ve been reading a lot about different stretches, and prevention.  I headed out for a SLOW 4 miles tonight, and it seemed ok.

This did really get me thinking though. Without your health, you have nothing. It hurt to go up stairs, move, stretch and basically move all  of Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and there is the fact that I don’t have a car and walk EVERYWHERE. My injury was thankfully not serious, but it did remind me of how important it is to take care of myself. I don’t want to fall off the wagon and end up sick and tired again. Without feeling good, I can’t do the things that bring me joy.

Have you had any injuries you’ve had to recover from? Any IT band advice for a newbie?


3 thoughts on “Jenna: Long (painful) Run

  1. I don’t have any IT band advice but I did have an injury to recover from.

    I got shin splints within a week of trying Insanity the first time. Doctor ordered 2 weeks minimal use (no activity outside of what’s necessary), warm-ups & stretches for that area, and a good pair of shoes with support. He even recommended shoe stores that would analyze my foot & gait to determine the best support for me.
    I bought the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought in my lifetime (around $130) but they did the job!
    Since then, my form and strength have improved to where I can do most workouts in my bare feet but walking or running always set off the shin soreness if I’m not wearing my good shoes.

    Now I have something new. It’s in my left knee and comes in waves – seemingly not related to exercise because it’s happened on lazy days as well as after workouts. Only once has it gotten bad enough to force me to rest it a week. Since then, I back off whenever I feel that pulling sensation. I’d rather go 50% every day than 0% for a week.

  2. Oof, ITBS used to be the bane of my existence when I ran! My fiancé actually gets it from driving, too… the stop and start on the gas pedal is brutal. What has helped for me is stretching (this one really works: and YOGA. Rest and ice are also really important, although you may not want to hear the “rest” part now! I also used one of these when it got really bad, and even wore it over tights and jeans:

    Good luck and feel better!

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