Rose: Easter Weekend

What. A. Weekend.

I took a few days off to spend some time with the fam. And I really needed it. This winter was cold and blustery. Also not conducive to trips “back home.” So, Easter gave me reason enough to get back for a while.

Before visiting my parents, I spent some time with my brother and his family in Pittsburgh. While there, I needed to put some miles onto my new shoes. Two of my old fitness pals had a run scheduled, and I tagged along. Let’s just say that 3.5 miles were done in just 35 minutes. I’m a much faster runner with friends!

photo (43)

On Saturday, my stepmom had planned a big Easter Egg hunt for immediate and extended family. I spent the morning helping to prepare for the hunt, which included hiding more than 200 eggs. The yard was littered with people, cars and eggs. Not a bad way to spend a day.

photo (42)

M got to max and relax in the sun all day. I got to snap a selfie with him that I happen to enjoy.

photo (41)

After the hunt, we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with the family. This included much time spent on the swingset and lots of cuddles with some of my favorite little nieces.

photo (39)

photo (40)

The rest of the weekend was spent with more family (including my mom, whom I’ve REALLY missed) and surrounded by lots of food. I’m definitely ready to get back on the stick with my workout regime and clean eating. I’ve been eating like garbage for days — but it was totally worth it!

How was your Easter?


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