Jenna: Yoga at the Pier

One of my favorite things about the city is all the exciting things that start to happen when the weather gets warm. I start searching a few weeks out, and get really pumped for all this city has to offer once you aren’t required to have a heavy coat on.

This year seems to be shaping up to be better than ever. In addition to some pop up parks, festivals, and races there is FREE outdoor yoga at the Race Street Pier 6 days a week!

I got to bed pretty early Friday night, and planned to get up, walk the dog, and bike my happy butt to outdoor yoga. In true Jenna fashion, I was way too early. When its the first time I’ve gone to a fitness class, I try to get there  early to scope out the scene and get my spot. Well, there was literally no one there yet. But check out this amazing view? Couldn’t really complain.

RaceStreetPierWithin 15 minutes, people started to show up. The instructor was actually already there, but he had been stretching on a different part of the Pier. I really enjoyed him a lot. It would not have considered it an all levels class (I think it may have intimidated some beginners), but he did a great job joking around and making everyone feel really comfortable.


Since I was early, I had a few minutes to sit there on my mat and relax in the sunshine. There was a good breeze going too. I remember just feeling so lucky to be able to have this experience. Lucky for the ability to ride my bike. Lucky to live in a great place with so many amazing free things to do. Lucky for my health, and to have the ability to get on the mat and thank myself for treating my body with kindness.

RaceStreet-Yoga Toes

Before the class started, our teacher shared this mantra: “When you replace expectations with appreciation, everything changes instantly”. That really hit me, and seemed so fitting. I try to reflect often, and have an attitude of gratitude. However, we are all human. A lot of times things don’t seem fair. I’ts now Tuesday, and I can tell you I’ve felt stressed and overwhelmed many times since this yoga class. I need to carry this more with me throughout the weeks. Maybe I’ll even get to one of the 7am classes before work 🙂




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