Rose: Chevron Curtains

I’m pretty sure I lost several readers with the title. The first one being M. But hey, curtains are important. (*Please excuse me as I write the girliest blog post ever.)

In keeping with operation bedroom overhaul, I bought new curtains. I have to give a shout-out to Elisabeth Michael‘s Etsy shop. These curtains are exactly what my room needed to feel lighter, brighter and more spruced up.

photo (48)

I was having a bit of a quandary over what curtains to order. My last Etsy purchase didn’t go quite as planned; the curtains were pink, not purple. I didn’t want to waste more money on curtains, which are already somewhat unnecessary. I thought of a couple options: create my own roman shades, re-do my roller blinds or try to find a valance that would match. In the end, it came down to which option was easiest (#3), and the curtains were on sale, so I went with it.

And while I’m giving Etsy shout-outs, I also want to applaud The Pillow Fight shop. Through them, I bought these delightful little pillow cases (but note: they only come with cases, not forms.) These really tied the entire room together, creating a cohesive gray-yellow-purple color scheme.


Operation bedroom is nearly complete! All that remains is dying some lampshades … If I ever find the time.


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