Rose & Jenna: Core Speed Review

Over the weekend, we traveled “home” for Mother’s Day to see family. As you know from the past, we never miss an opportunity to sweat together! And so, we brought a laptop and a little T25 to get things moving bright and early on a Saturday morning.


We decided to try Core Speed, which was included in our order of Focus T25. This workout is all about building a better core, which underpins almost everything you do in a workout. It’s a series of non-stop drills to tighten and strengthen your core muscles in as little time as possible. We put Core Speed to the test, and here’s what we thought:

Q. Was this your first time completing Core Speed? Were you nervous?

Rose: This was my second time completing the program, and it was no joke! A couple months back, I threw this DVD into the computer on a whim. I had no idea what to expect, and I never would’ve guessed how hard I’d work or sweat. So, while I knew what to expect, I was still slightly nervous going into it this past Saturday.

Jenna: This was my second time doing Core Speed. After the first, I immediately text a friend and said “that is no joke!”. I felt the same way this time. I’m not sure what it is about that combination of moves, but it gets you sweating in no time.

Q. What was your overall impression of the workout?

Rose: It was fast-paced but easy to follow. And I love doing it with a buddy! It’s basically two rounds with one routine each. At the end, you combine all the routines into a fast-paced minute or so. I like workouts like this because they aren’t overwhelming. You learn each move one at a time, then you speed it up at the end. Plus, many of the moves in this DVD can be found in Shaun T.’s other workouts like T25 Beta, Alpha and Gamma, as well as INSANITY!

Jenna: I really like this workout. With it only being 25 minutes, you know you’ll be working hard for the whole time. It has an awesome combination of moves that allow for recovery as well as challenge you the whole time. I like that it is done in circuits, so you have a chance to master each move by the end.

Q. What was the hardest part?

Rose: There is a move where you jump up in the air and slap the top of your legs. That move has always been incredibly hard for me. Plus, there are A LOT of burpees. I enjoyed them, but I had to use both hands on the one-armed burpees this time around.

Jenna: I dreaded the burpees every time they came around. They work pretty much every muscle, so we have a serious love/hate relationship.

Q. Would you do it again?

Rose: Heck ya! Though I must admit the DVD made me incredibly sore. My calf muscles are still aching two days later. I didn’t wear shoes (been having foot issues), so I was on my toes a lot. I’m guessing that was the culprit. Still, this workout would be great on days where you’re in a pinch to workout but want a blast of cardio. I didn’t track my calorie burn, but I’m guessing it was around 300 calories, which was a great way to start off the morning.

Jenna: Absolutely. I was feeling it the next day, and I loved that. After training for my run, I can tell my strength suffered a bit. The backs of my legs, back, and butt were screaming the next day. And I love that.

Have you tried Core Speed? Feel free to chime in below with your reactions. 


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