Rose: Fashion Friday

I’ve taken a bit of a shopping hiatus as the spring turns into summer. No use buying more sweaters when I’ll soon be needing shorts and T-shirts. So, for now, while the weather continues to be finicky, I’ve begun repurposing old favorites.

I bought this floral dress a couple years back at Target. At the same, it was a steal at $20. I don’t wear it often because it fits a little uncomfortably. The sleeves are cut a bit high, so it digs into my armpits. Nevertheless, it’s a really cute dress, and it worked quite well on a rainy May day with black boots and tights.


This combination is another favorite of mine. A flowy tank from Ann Taylor Loft (only $11) paired with a green sweater, black skinny jeans and flats. I jazzed it up a bit with this gold chain. I wore this on a ride back to Pennsylvania, and it was pretty comfortable. Though this sweater is not meant for spring due to its thickness.

photo[1] 10.29.55 PM

There has been one new purchase I nearly forgot to mention: a Sweaty Band! I’d been eyeing these up for quite some time. A friend of mine from Pittsburgh used to wear them at hip hop class. I adored them. Now I can finally keep my hair out of my eyes while in down dog position or when I’m doing a crazy burpee. And they ship for free!

photo 10.29.55 PM

What new threads do you have in your closet?


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