Jenna: Surprise Weekend

SOMETIMES you just need to hop on a plane at 5:30am and arrive at a friends house to surprise them for their birthday. Shannon reads the blog, and will probably kill me for sharing these photos, but I don’t care. They make me super happy! About a week ago Shannon’s sister emailed me asking if I’d be crazy enough to hop down there for the weekend. Naturally, I said “DUH! That’ll be awesome. Let’s surprise her.” We sent her niece and nephew in with a few gifts, and then had them tell her there was another package waiting outside.


That face was absolutely priceless. So was this hug:


She had no idea I was coming, so that made it even sweeter. In no time, we were lounging at the pool together.


As much as Shannon may have needed a birthday surprise, this weekend was super reflective from me. We have both moved in the last few years, but have remained close. We met in graduate school, and I pretty much picked her out of the crowd and made her be my friend ;). We have traveled together. I find a ton of comfort in her presence. I look to her for career, relationship, and family advice pretty often. I would say she knows me really well and has seen me through my best…and worst.

As we were chatting about food, fitness, love and life it occurred to me how much I had missed this. Talking with someone who knows me well enough that its completely effortless. Making new friends and new connections is great, but its hard to constantly start over. Constantly sharing your story and your why. That can be exciting, but she has seen me grow up in a way. And its great to not have to explain that. She is a great example when it comes to healthy eating and fitness too. Her and her husband have both made their health a priority, and it was refreshing to be in their presence.

Keep connections going. Take the time show people how much you care about them with actions. While you are at it, tell them how much you love and appreciate them. That’s what life is all about.


P.S. Shannon turned 35 and I’m pretty sure doesn’t look a day over 21.


One thought on “Jenna: Surprise Weekend

  1. You are the best, Jenna! I agree wholeheartedly, and I am so happy you came I will forgive the picture posting!

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