Jenna: Megan

Almost two years ago, I was catching up with a friend via text. We hadn’t really caught up since I moved to Philadelphia, and she mentioned that she was having a hard time health wise. Some blood work had come back funny, and it was cancer. She asked me not to share this with anyone, because she hadn’t had a chance to tell all of her close friends.  After that we swapped texts now and then. Me teasing her that I’d mail her some cheesesteaks and her saying how she’d visit me when this nonsense was over.

I remember being really angry. Why does stuff like this happen to good people? Megan was one of the most bubbly and outgoing people I had ever met. We were each dating a member of a band at the time. She waltzed in with her fiery red hair and we instantly got along. She was a few years younger than me, and full of energy. We partied together. We shared  some really fun beach trips. I remember meeting her family when she graduated undergrad. Some really great times.

Megan ended up at University of Miami for treatment early on, and I have a friend that works there. I called her, and she went to meet Megan and her family when they got there. I remember feeling really happy about this. The texts I got from her were great. She enjoyed meeting someone and seeing a “familiar” face. She was always so positive and loving throughout the entire process.

Megan died two weeks ago. Her funeral is tomorrow.

I was always so amazed at her strength. She would share updates on her blog, and would have a sense of humor and grace that I am not sure most people are capable of on a daily basis, and she was fighting a horrible disease.

I’ve been really angry these last few weeks. The day I found out, I felt like someone  punched me in the stomach. I would wake up thinking “megan megan megan megan where are you megan?” She was here, commenting funny things on my Instagram photos and now she is … gone. There are so many bad people in this world, why did she have to be one to leave it so young?

But I know Megan, and she wouldn’t want me to sit around angry. She would want me to listen to music really loudly and dance around my apartment. She would want me to go to yoga class, because she always asked me to “teach her the moves”. She would want me to eat lots of green veggies and drink lots of juice because we would swap recipes. She would want me to drink too much tequila one night at the beach and make some silly memories.

I thought about Megan a lot while I ran the Broad Street Run, which was before she passed. I ran for her, and for other people who couldn’t. She was always so supportive of me. Even a month ago, she was writing “you look AMAZING” on photos. I would respond, “you ARE amazing”. Because she is.


You can read more about Megan here: and



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