Jenna: Group Text Dinner

I am blessed with lots of awesome friends, near and far. Two of my close friends are participating in the clean eating challenge. Kelly lives in South Florida and Martha lives in Nashville.

We decided we would all “get together” for dinner and make a clean recipe. That’s a little tough with so many miles between us, so we came up with the idea of all making the same recipe at the same time. That way we could chat, share pictures, and enjoy it together: virtually!

We decided on black bean rice bowls with yummy clean toppings. It was easy, quick, and allowed us to share ideas on what to add during the day leading up to it. I had made a big batch of sprouted brown rice earlier in the week, so I was already one step ahead.

When I heated up my black beans, I added some garlic:


Next, I piled a ton of black beans on and added greek yogurt, tomatillo sauce, avocado and hot sauce.


Right before I was ready to dig in, Kelly shared a picture of hers and there was spinach. What a great idea! I piled some on a plate and dumped my bowl on top.


Someone was not far from the action…



This was so fun! We will do it again some time soon 🙂



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