Jenna: Ride to Valley Forge

On Memorial Day, Devin and I woke up and decided to get outside. It was a gorgeous day, and we were both feeling like we needed a serious calorie burn. We had done a ride up the River Trail to Manayunk before, and decided we wanted to check out the rest of it.

I had Shakeology before we left, and I packed a GU, whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, apple, and water. I figured that would be plenty of fuel! I packed up my stuff, grabbed my backpack and bike, and we drove to park.

Once we got started, we realized we had 15 miles to Valley Forge where the trail ended. We sorta looked at each other and decided to go for it. We did stop for a Cliff Bar in Conshohocken(we did NOT stop at this brewery but it was right off the trail and I am definitely going back) on the way.

Once we made it, we enjoyed laying in the grass for a few minutes. We also checked out the beautiful chapel which was a great choice to visit on Memorial Day!



While we were laying there, I felt really lucky. Devin said something like, “Isn’t it amazing you we got all the way here with just our bodies?”. What an amazing feeling!


I had to channel that feeling a lot on the way back. It was TOUGH and my body wasn’t happy with the amount of fuel it had versus what it was burning (I split the food I packed with Devin). I swear, those last 5 miles dragged. My legs started to cramp, and Devin just kept giving me pep talks. Bless her, because boy was I grumpy.

We ended up completing 32 miles. I looked down after chugging some water at my heart rate monitor:


PHEW! That turkey wrap I downed afterward was totally worth it.

It felt great to push myself and reach a new goal. That was my longest ride to date!



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