Rose: A Wonderful Weekend

May was an extremely busy month for me. June is shaping up to be busy, too, but with less traveling. I’ve decided to spend the majority of this month in New Jersey. How can I get to know my not-so-new town if I’m always traveling west?

M and I made plans to hit the beach with my friend Jenn on Saturday. We drove about an hour to Asbury Park, home of the Stone Pony and Bruce Springsteen. Jenn had never before touched foot in the Atlantic Ocean (she’s from the west coast), and so it was quite the monumental day.


The boardwalk at Asbury Park is small but cute. They’re doing quite a bit to restore this little beach town. We decided to hit up a Cuban joint for lunch. The air was cool but the sun provided a bit more warmth. Not ideal beach weather, but we still enjoyed dining al fresco.


I took full advantage of being at the beach which included ordering a white sangria. For whatever reason, these have been my favorite lately. So cool and refreshing. Perfect for hot weather and outdoor dining. Like I always say: good thing I worked out beforehand. Burn some calories to enjoy some calories šŸ™‚


I also ordered a Cubano sandwich, which is certainly not 21 Day Fix approved, but hey … when at the beach. It’s all about balance, right? This is one of the best I’ve had. I always love ordering this sandwich at Cuban places because they know how to make them just right.


Gosh do I ever love pickles on a sandwich like this. So wonderful and delicious.

We spent the next several hours lounging, reading and playing catch on the beach. On our way out of town, we hit up the Main Street and were excited to see how many shops and restaurants were there. Asbury Park is definitely on the rise, and we hope to head back soon. There were just too many good eateries to get to them all. Next time!

On Sunday, M and I had a hike planned up near the Delaware Water Gap. M planned out all the trails and routes, and we drove the 1.5 hours north to catch this beautiful view.


We hiked for nearly 3 hours, all told, and got to see some of the highest points of New Jersey. We drove around the area quite a bit, too, and stumbled upon a few waterfalls. This one was a favorite … Buttermilk Falls!


This one was also a beauty. Raymondskill Falls. It is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania. I probably could have stayed there all day.


All in all, it was an active and wonderful weekend. These are the weekends I enjoy most: time with friends, new places, and exercise. You can’t beat that.


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