Rose & Jenna: Be Well Philly Bootcamp

Over the weekend, we attended the Be Well Philly Bootcamp hosted by Philadelphia Magazine. In a word, it was awesome. This event, which was held at Drexel University, gathered together hundreds of healthy and fit women from across the region. The day ran from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and included fitness classes, health chats, a keynote speaker and a slew of vendors. We decided to arrive early – though not too early – in time to try out the Red Hot Dance Fitness class. Here we are, pre-sweatfest.


Throughout the morning, we took three fitness classes: Red Hot Dance Fitness at 10 a.m., Body Blast at 11 a.m. and a Vinyasa Yoga class at noon. Needless to say, we were pretty wiped out by the end of it. This is our grin-and-sweat-it face after the first class. Below are our reactions and reviews of the sessions.


What was your favorite class of the day? And what did you think of the other classes?

Rose: By far, my favorite was the Body Blast class. The instructor’s energy was powerful, and the moves were effective but manageable. There were participants of all levels in the crowd, and I felt like the instructor kept that in check. Plus I swear my soreness on Sunday came from that class. Those are moves I normally don’t do! As far as Red Hot Dance, I liked it (and managed to burn 300 calories while doing it), but it wasn’t my favorite. It kept reminding me of a fitness class I took in Pittsburgh, though Red Hot fell short. The moves weren’t too complicated, but it was hard to coordinate a group that large. As for yoga, I loved the class and the instructor. It was the perfect cool down after such a busy morning.

Jenna: Body Blast! It was hosted by Be Well Philly Health Hero Leslie Marant. I had read a lot about her in the past, and was so excited when I realized she was the one teaching. Her class was awesome; I must say, I got more of a workout in that 35-40 minutes than I ever would in the gym. She was energetic, engaging, and provided motivation a long the way. The tabatas we did still have my lower body hurting. Red Hot Dance was fun, but not quite challenging enough for me personally. I did enjoy it and it was fun getting to dance with such a large group (although this was hard at times considering my limbs are so long…). And I have always loved Mark at the Yoga Garden. I have taken classes from him before and they are some of the more rewarding and challenging I’ve been to.


So how hard did you work? And did you refuel? What did you think of the food offerings?

Rose: The proof is in the heart rate monitor. I burned around 1,000 calories by the time all was said and done. I LOVE getting in crazy calorie burns like this early on the weekend. After doing so, I feel like I can finally just rest and relax. As for the food, that was a bit of a dilemma. They only had salads without protein and ran out early. We waited in line a bit and were thankful to snag these from Hip City Veg. While I really liked this salad combination, I probably could have used a bit more fuel after such an intense morning.

Jenna: I fed off the energy of the crowd for sure. I pushed myself hard during Body Blast and even tried to kick it up in the dance class even though it wasn’t very challenging. You get what you put into a workout, no matter what. My lower body was screaming during yoga, but I didn’t want to stop or give up. As Rose mentioned, the food situation was a little crazy. They kept running out of salads that weren’t quite enough to make it through the day. I wish they had been a bit more clear about bringing your own food instead of saying “lunch was provided”. I left there needing food and coffee stat.


What were your overall impressions of the event?

Rose: I love the idea of having this many women in one place. Nothing inspires me like strong, independent women who enjoy working out. I love that Philadelphia Magazine gathered such a group together and brought in some great fitness instructors and health experts from across the city. I almost think the day could have been a bit longer, actually. I likely would’ve attended more of the health chats (instead I was busy working out). For $25, I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth, and I’m looking forward to going back next year!

Jenna: It was an awesome day. It was incredible to feed off everyone’s energy and to have that many fit-minded women all in one place. Other than the food hiccup, the event itself was really well executed. I do wish it could be bigger and better! It would be great to have open classes on the hour, each hour instead of having to get into a lot of them through a lottery. Maybe next year! I also feel like I certainly got my money’s worth.

So how did you spend the rest of your day?

Rose: See below. It was Philadelphia Beer Week. Of course we had to participate.

Jenna:Yes. And it was so much fun!



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