Rose: Garden Update, Week 3

Things are certainly progressing in my potted garden. And it’s certainly been an educational experience. A potted garden is much different than a backyard garden. I used to water my garden nightly in Pittsburgh, standing there with the hose. Now it seems I barely have to water the pots, thanks to all the rain. In fact, my pots have been getting a little bit of a green film on top — and it’s actually algae. I’ve been looking into this and, while it’s not harmful to the plants, it is caused by overwatering. So I’ve been trying to rein things in a bit and let my plants dry out a bit more.


Overall, the tomatoes seem to be growing quite well (top left). In a close second would be my leafy spinach greens. While the green beans were doing well (lower left), they ceased growing when the cat ate the leaves. Eeek. And I’m finally, finally seeing a little sprout from the bell peppers. I have other pots, too, but they aren’t growing with as much significance. Still, by August, I might actually be able to consume some of these greens!

I can’t tell if I’m being impatient, or if these items are growing less quickly in pots. I swear my garden was half thriving by this time last year, but I may be wrong. I wonder if I should’ve planted some started plants, instead of by seed. But this is an interesting challenge, I think. Right now, everything has sprouted except for my cucumbers. I decided to throw in a few more seeds into the cucumber pot to see what happens. Nevertheless, I’d say this is a pretty solid start for someone who has never before managed a balcony garden! Fingers crossed I can eat a salad by my 30th birthday.

How is your garden growing?


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