Jenna: 5 Folks You’ll Encounter at the Work Gym

I have been a member of my gym at work for almost a year now. I absolutely love being able to get there on my lunch break when my schedule allows, and even fitting in a sweat session right after work. They offer great classes, and I have a few colleagues that hold me accountable and give me that extra push I need. However, there are some characters! Here are 5 folks you’ll encounter at the work gym:

1. Fancy Pants: Mr. and Mrs. Fancy Pants forget that they only pay a small fee for this underfunded gym. They expect new equipment, and if you happen to be ON their FAVORITE elliptical they won’t bat an eye at asking you (or the manager to ask you) to move. They also order around the staff asking them to change the music, televisions, or complain about the air flow. This is a WORK gym. Not the Ritz.

 2. Team No Shower: We are all busy and crunched for time, especially during a lunch break workout. These folks think it is fine to not shower after (and sometimes change for) their workout. Sorry folks. Just because you are only going to spend 5 minutes on the treadmill (see below) doesn’t mean you don’t need to change into workout gear. You’re the smelly one at the work room coffee machine. #teamshowerandwashyourhair

 3. Five Minute Treadmill Walker: Any workout is better than none, but if you’re going to put the time and effort into joining the gym at work you should probably get your heart rate up a bit. FIVE minutes WALKING on the treadmill doesn’t really cut it. Warning: they tend to also talk really loud on their cell phone while they walk. The work gym is not the break room.

 4. Gets Too Naked in the Locker Room: Ok, this one is serious. I do fully support people lovin’ their bodies and of course we’ve all had the trying-to-cover-my-butt-and-the-towel-slips malfunction, but no one likes the super naked person in ANY locker room. ESPECIALLY the work one. There’s nothing like walking in and finding someone in their birthday suit at the sink, awkwarding looking away, and then three hours sitting across from them in a meeting.

 5. Two Hour Selfie Meatheads: These are not exclusive to the work gym, but it’s even more annoying when you are crunched for time and trying to be efficient. Don’t you have a JOB to get back to? Last time I checked, two hour breaks were against policy. But first…lemme take a selfie.

Anyone have these characters at your work gym? What are your favorite gym stereotypes?


6 thoughts on “Jenna: 5 Folks You’ll Encounter at the Work Gym

  1. I went to sign up as a member to a gym last night. It’s my first gym so I don’t have any experience in stereotypes but it’s great to have this head’s up not to be one of these! LOL

    While I was sitting there waiting for the staff member to come back, I saw a full spectrum of ability range and style range. I was really worried about “fitting in” but I’m pretty sure I’ll be just fine going as myself!

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