Rose: Varidesk Review

It’s been two weeks since my Varidesk Pro arrived, which has given me more than enough time to try it out. The Varidesk is an adjustable platform that allows you to sit or stand while working in an office setting. I requested the this product for two reasons: I had intense pain near my tailbone (which magnified the more I sat), and my back felt strained due to poor posture. A couple of coworkers raved about this brand, so I thought I’d give it a try.


First, some tips:

As humans, we’re not meant to sit all day. However, we’re not meant to stand all day either. Both cause serious strain to the body.

When the Varidesk first arrived, I definitely “over did it.” I tried standing the entire first day. By the time I got home, I was exhausted, and my feet were killing me. That pain continued into the next day and didn’t get better until I got an email from a representative from Varidesk. She came across my post and offered some tips. She recommended that I check out the Varidesk Desktop Application, which I installed. You can program this app to remind you to alternate between sitting and standing. I set mine for 30 minutes each. You also input your weight, and it will track the calories you burn throughout the day. Very cool!

On top of that, Varidesk offered to send me a foot mat. These have a slight give to them and are designed to absorb the shocks of standing. Since I started standing on mine, I’ve noticed a huge improvement. My feet no longer ache!

So remember: Use the app, don’t stand for too long and consider a foot mat!

Below is a general list of pros and cons I’ve found through using my adjustable standing desk.


  • I love that the Varidesk is adjustable. As a writer, it’s important to have the flexibility to sit or stand. While I enjoy standing to read emails, the news and articles, I find that I write better when I’m sitting. I like the variety.
  • My tailbone pain has diminished. I used to feel pain in this area nearly every day. Now it only occurs when I’ve been sitting in a meeting too long.
  • I have more energy. Alternating between sitting and standing has renewed my energy. I feel much more alert and awake.
  • I am more creative. I’ve actually seen an improvement in my reading comprehension since I started standing at work. I’m able to better digest the academic articles I have to read. (This could also be due to my switch to morning workouts.)


  • I still have back pain. Granted, I think this will change as I get used to my standing desk. But I’ve noticed my upper back still hurts. The culprit is likely my posture. I find myself bending over too much or slouching at times. I need more reminders to stand up straight!
  • I have to constantly reorganize my belongings. Because the Varidesk moves up and down, you need to constantly move your keyboard and mouse. Thankfully, I have wireless accessories. But it does get annoying have to shift my items.
  • I have to shift the foot mat. In addition to moving my belongings, I have to constantly move the foot mat, too. My computer chair will not roll over the mat. Still, this isn’t really a big deal.

Overall, the pros of the Varidesk FAR outweigh the cons. I really don’t mind moving my belongings, especially if I know this is helping with my tailbone pain, giving me more energy and burning calories at the same time. Overall, I’m really satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone who is tired of sitting all of the time. At $300, the Varidesk is a valuable investment and seems much cheaper than other standing desks I’ve seen. I’m happy with my adjustable standing desk and can’t wait to see more of the benefits it brings!

(Note: I was not paid to write this review. My company purchased the Varidesk at my request. However, Varidesk did provide me with a complimentary foot mat. These opinions are my own.)

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