Jenna: Saturday Yoga and Hip Hop

Devin (my roommate) and I wanted to have an epic Saturday. I’d been a while since we had both been free to spend a day full of fitness together, so we set out to tackle a few things. Saturday, we hit up Yoga at the Pier again. I woke up early, drank some Shakeology and rode my bike over. It was absolutely beautiful day!



After the bike ride and yoga, we had burned close to 700 calories. We rode over to Old City to find some food and ended up having some brunch at Race Street Cafe. I had a quinoa cake topped with canadian baked and an egg. It was delish.

After that, we rode our bikes to the gym for some abs and arms. I lifted 10 pound dumb bells and completed an arm circuit. Devin loves core, so I followed a long with her and my abs were burning by the end.  I joined 12th Street Gym for the summer, and I’m so glad we did. After the workout, we changed into our bathing suits and headed up to the roof deck to lay out. It wasn’t the beach, but did the trick.

After that, we headed home to drink some water and change from sweaty clothes to new clothes. Devin had been going to a hip hop dance class for a while and I’ve been dying to try it. We walked over and joined the 3pm Hip Hop class at Koresh Dance Company. Ty (the instructor) was amazing. I burned over 750 calories in this class and haven’t sweat that much doing anything other than maybe hot yoga or flywheel. PHEW.

It also made me realize how much I missed dancing. I picked up the steps pretty quick once the dancer in me kicked in. Hip Hop is tough for me, and I’ve always been self conscious about it. First of all, I’m really tall so a dance built on getting “low” is pretty tough for me. I look sort of ridiculous. I was also classically trained in ballet, so I tend to be very fluid in my moves. Anyway, this class was amazing and I think its good to mix things up and get outside your comfort zone. I also used muscles I had forgotten about!

What new workouts have you tried lately?



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