Rose: Garden Update, Week 4

The garden has been taking some interesting turns, as you’ll see in the photo below. By now, my Pittsburgh garden would be sprouting like crazy all over the place. But things in New Jersey are starting off slow, and that’s okay, because slow and steady wins the race. Or so they say.


My tomatoes are growing so well. I almost wish I’d planted two batches of them. They have a prime spot in the corner of the balcony and seem to really enjoy the weather here.

In the upper middle are the bell peppers. Two are growing very close together, but they are making progress. I did a small transplant in which I moved one over a bit. I’m hoping that didn’t kill the only green pepper of the summer. We’ll see.

Upper right is rosemary. I thought this thing would be growing like crazy right now. This tiny bud is just hanging out. I actually planted another one close to it the other day. I’ve been doing this just to see if growing will increase. Though I might be steering away from following the rules of potted plants.

Bottom left: the banana peppers. They are doing the slow and steady thing, too, but I can see them making visible progress. The trouble here is that I’ve never planted peppers before. Therefore, I have no idea what they should look like by now.

Check out that guy in the bottom middle. Those are my cukes! They almost didn’t grow at all. Last week I threw some more seeds back into the pot. I love cucumbers and cannot live a summer with out them. Looks like the first seeds didn’t catch, so I’m glad I added a bit more.

As for the bottom right, this is a catastrophe. The cat not only ate the onion tops but took a nap in the spinach and lettuce tub. A few of the leaves were crunched at, too. I’m annoyed but hopefully they will grow back.

My green beans are not featured because the cat also ate those for a snack. I might be banning all felines from hanging on the balcony for the rest of the summer.

How is your garden growing?


One thought on “Rose: Garden Update, Week 4

  1. I’m totally empathising with your trouble with the cats eating your growing seedlings. My cat is the reason I cannot do the early starts indoors, nor can I grow in the off-season indoors. He LOVES to eat the green sprouts! I even set out a couple pots of cat grass (wheat grass) specifically for him, which he ate, but still came over to munch on my precious and delicate sprouting veggies. Little turd.

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