Jenna: Things I’m Loving Lately

It’s summer! And its HOT. We are under a heat advisory, and temps are over 90. PHEW. Here’s a few things that this heat has had me lovin’ lately.

1. The Nut Milk Bag

nut bag

I have been making cold brew at home (post coming soon) and this has made is a breeze! I was spending a LOT of extra cash on iced coffee so this was certainly worth the investment.

2. Days are Gone by Haim

Haim_-_Days_Are_GoneI first saw this trio open for Mumford and Sons about a year and half ago. I immediately looked them up when I got back, and I’ve had their album pretty much on loop since I saw them live again in May. Can’t get enough.

3. Victory’s Summer Love


“This light-bodied ale casts a golden hue reminiscent of the summer sun shining high above the City of Philadelphia.” That it does. Enough said.

4. Whiskey Women

whiskeywomenI’ve been reading this for a while, but just recently have had a chance to really get into it. It’s so interesting! Laying in the sun reading about how women saved bourbon, scotch and irish whiskey. DUH.

5. Speedo Goggles


I joined a new gym (post coming soon about that too) that has an indoor pool! These goggles have been awesome. I’ve been swimming laps, because in this heat, there are days that sweating just does NOT sound appealing. I can’t stand when chlorine gets in my eyes, especially with contacts.

What’s this summer have you loving lately?




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