Rose: Simple Weekend Joys

The weekends go by so quickly. You spend all week crunching on deadlines, trying to fit it all in. Days string into one: meetings, after-work social events, exercise, phone calls, time with friends. I wouldn’t trade this life in for anything else, but I’m incredibly thankful for my weekends. While they go by in an instant, they give me the necessary time to recharge, reboot and become human again.

The first weekend joy I had was on Friday evening. I attended two happy hour sessions — the first with coworkers, the second with new friends. Both included conversation, chatter and laughs. And most importantly, my new favorite drink: a white wine sangria. Nothing is more refreshing in the summer, I swear.


The next weekend joy came in the form of baking. It’s been so long since I’ve baked a sweet treat! On a whim, I threw together this strawberry-banana bread. I used fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market in Princeton and two old bananas. It was a cinch to make, though not entirely healthy. I did cut down on the amount of sugar and butter, though.


On Sunday evening, I went on a long walk with M on the canal. We looked at wildlife, trees and flowers. He told me about all his favorite spots. While the tall grass scratched at my legs a bit too much, it was one of those simple weekend joys you wouldn’t give up.


What brings joy to your weekends?


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