Rose: Outdoor Yoga at the Museum

I’m putting Fashion Friday on hold for another week because I want to write about this event while it’s still fresh in my mind. Don’t worry — more fashion is in the future. I just haven’t been making as many purchases this month since I’m saving up for my traveling next month! But expect a short fashion post next week.

Last night, I attended a free yoga session in front of the Princeton Art Museum led by Princeton Yoga Stream and Lululemon. I’d seen this event on the University calendar a while back and made a mental note to attend. I love anything free and anything outdoors. I also like to attend events like these in my community — it makes me feel connected to this town and its people. Two friends me me there, and we spent the evening under the big blue sky.


This photo doesn’t do the crowd justice. I snapped this in the beginning, about ten minutes before class. But the crowd grew as the hour wore on. As I went through the movements, I continued to feel more energy around me. Behind us, a large crowd had formed — kids from summer camps at Princeton. They were actually quite good — I forget how flexible you are when you’re a kid!

This was only my third time taking a yoga class outside. And it was a beautiful night for it. I actually quite liked the flow of this class. It began in a seated position with a lot of core movements. The idea was that you would warm up the core so that later moves would be more fluid. This really worked. So many classes I’ve been to in the past begin with standing movements, and core work at the end. I usually feel tight and sore in the beginning. This opened me up a lot more.

The instructor was really energetic, which I know isn’t for everyone. But I liked it. She moved around the crowd and made adjustments. I also find this helpful so I can continue to hone the art of yoga.

I’ve found that I’m getting much better at this practice. I still have a ways to go in terms of the meditation part, but I’m getting stronger in the movements, and I’m able to hold poses for a lot longer. I always feel so great after taking a yoga class like this, especially at the end of the week. I feel like it puts everything into perspective as I’m able to just breathe, relax and reflect. I always go into my Fridays feeling a lot more refreshed and renewed.

Big thanks to the Princeton Art Museum for hosting this great event. I can’t wait for another!

Have you tried outdoor yoga? How do you feel about it?


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