Rose: A Philadelphia Saturday

I’m not sure I’ve had a bad time in Philly yet. And that’s saying a lot, for a former Pittsburgher. There is just so much to do in Philly, and it’s even better that Jenna lives there. I absolutely love my time there and delight in day trips to the city. This weekend was no exception.

Jenna had invited me to her friend’s birthday party. M’s best friend was in town for the weekend, so we made a day of it. I grabbed my friend Jenn, and the four of us drove into the city. We dropped the boys off at the museum, met up with Jenna and headed to the pier for birthday fun.

It was the kind of day where you are just so thankful to know really great people. Both new and familiar faces filtered in and out throughout the day. I just sort of let the day take me away, and it was nice to just let go like that. Plus, life is always better when I’m seeing this lovely lady:


This was taken at Spruce Street Park, where they’d set up an oasis of sorts. We got to sit on these nets by the river — so peaceful. They also had hammocks (we didn’t partake), games for kids and really good food. It was bustling, and we stayed for several hours.

After Spruce Street, we headed to Morgan’s Pier. I’ve been wanting to check this place out since Jenna mentioned it. It’s a large outdoor space on the pier next to the Delware River. Perfect for sunny summer days and large gatherings. I got to hang out with some new friends there, and my old college buddy Sam eventually showed up. I also shared a loving embrace with Jenn, who is just the sweetest friend. Aren’t we cute?

photo 1

As if the day wasn’t good enough, it got better. We headed to Frankfurt Hall, one of my favorite spots in Philly. A beautiful beer garden with an open air backyard. As luck would have it, my friend Erica was next door with her fiance Matt. They stopped by, and it was SO great seeing them. It’s been months since we’ve hung out (we are both the busiest people ever), and it was good to see them, even if just for an hour.

photo 2

I always say to Jenna after days and nights like these, “Being here made me feel so much at home.” It’s amazing how a place can do that. How a city can just wrap its arms around you, envelope you and make you feel renewed again. I wouldn’t trade this Saturday for anything. 🙂


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