Rose: Garden Update, Weeks 4-5

My garden has really taken off in the past two weeks.

I wasn’t sure how this experiment was going to go. I’m sure you could sense my hesitation during the first week. While growing a garden is always the food it produces, there is so much more to it for me. I have a competitive spirit, and so, I wanted this garden to thrive. But even more so than that, I wanted to know I could garden in another place, in my new life.

Gardening happened to me by accident three years ago. I’d never really thought of planting a garden until my roommate planted hers. I would help with weeding and watering. I’d make zucchini bread and can tomatoes. But I really wasn’t into it … not like now.

When she moved out, I started to care a little more. It was either plant the garden or give up. And the second just wasn’t really an option. And so, I researched and asked questions and tried my hardest to figure everything out. I kept up with my plants the best I could, and that summer I had more vegetables than I knew what to do with.

While I can’t produce the same volume of vegetables on my New Jersey balcony, I can still grow these greens. The tomatoes are reaching taller than ever — I can’t wait until I see a tiny tomato plant take root. The lettuce leaves are so close to being turned into a salad. My onions are nestled nicely under the soil, waiting to make their August appearance. And my peppers continue to grow just a bit more, day by day.

I may not have eaten one vegetable from this garden yet, but it might be the best garden I’ve ever grown. I did something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone. And now, this new life is thriving.


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