Rose: Massage that Kale

For every work event, we order from this great catering company: iQuisine. I literally look forward to working lunches if iQuisine is involved. They make a variety of kale salads, and, in my office, we’re always sure to snag some of the sweet kale.

For a while, I’ve wondered how to recreate this masterpiece at home. iQuisine is only a catering company — you can’t eat there in person. So, I decided to just email the company and ask how they make their delicious kale salad. As it turns out, the secret is in the massage.


I’ve heard of this method before — massaging kale. I’ve seen it in restaurants and on menus. I wasn’t really sure what it meant, but the name implies a kneading of some kind. Turns out the interwebz are full of great massaged kale recipes. I decided to try this out for the first time in a simple way — with just a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.

The method is really very easy. Place your destemmed kale into a bowl. Make sure your hands are washed. Now, massage the kale with your hands for about five or 10 minutes. It will become more vibrant and a brighter green the more you massage it. This is stripping away that bitter taste that kale often has. It makes the green a lot sweeter and easier to swallow. That’s the secret behind this method.

Once you’ve properly massaged your kale, add some olive, salt and pepper. You can give it another one or two minute massage. By this point, it will be perfect. You can add other ingredients (say, grapes, feta cheese and pine nuts — that’s iQuisine’s special.)

M tried this, and when I told him that the kale hadn’t been cooked, he didn’t believe me. He also ate it, which is huge, considering he hates kale.

I’m telling you … if you hate kale, this might give you a reason to turn that around. Enjoy!


One thought on “Rose: Massage that Kale

  1. okay, so to massage you literally just rub the kale with your hands? i always see massaged kale recipes but am too lazy to actually look up what “massaging” entails.

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