Jenna: 30 days til 30

My birthday has always been a really big deal to me. I think this stems from the fact that my mom never made us make our beds on our birthday, and we always woke up to some kind of special surprise. Someone here at work jokes “every day is Jenna day!” because of how happy I always am on and around my birthday.

This year is the big 3-0. I’m actually really excited to turn thirty. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I am excited to be past this decade of uncertainty and confusion. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last ten years, and I’m looking forward to justifying my sometimes grumpiness with “well, I’m thirty now so….”.  🙂  I’ll certainly write more about my reflections and feelings as it gets closer to the big day.

I have even MORE to be excited about. This note was left on my desk today, and I couldn’t be any more excited. THIRTY PRESENTS?! And one EACH DAY?! How simply fantastic.



Rose also send me this article the other day, and I find myself going back to it over and over again. The title “30 things I wish I knew before 30”. Here are a few of my favorites with my thoughts attached. I think we plan to blog about more of these, too.

 22. We all have sh^%. Getting yours together helps you get into the game.

Yes. We ALL have shit. Handle yours. It’s fine to vent, ask for advice, or even give it. But if something is causing you stress and heartache, make a plan and change it. That power lies within you alone. Someone once said, “Jenna thanks so much for your advice. I went ahead and did it and I have you to thank.” Ummm nope. YOU did that. I just held up the mirror.

23. Texting someone is not “making a real effort” and it’s not how you build relationships.
In my experience, this one could not be more true. I feel like this one warrants its own post. I remember being in my mid-twenties and getting SO excited when a certain someone would text. Guess what? That is not making a real effort. Or is even real at all. And if they can’t even text you, there’s a bigger issue. My recent favorite is how easy it is to send an alcohol induced text to someone you haven’t seen in two years at 3 AM (I received one of these a week ago…).  It’s a great way to stay in touch and send quick messages, but that is not how you build relationships. Disconnect. Experience things. Talk about how you feel, no matter how scary and icky that feels. You’ll end up knowing someone’s real intentions and building something great.

I’ll keep you posted in the coming days as to how I’m feeling (and more importantly, what presents I receive!)


2 thoughts on “Jenna: 30 days til 30

  1. I am waaaaaaaay behind on blog reading, so now it is almost your 30th and I hope all these days leading up to it have been great! People tried to tell me turning 30 would be”so scary”, but really, I was glad to be out of my 20’s and on to a new decade. (And now I’m 31, so I can say30 was painless!) Like you, I learned a lot about life and myself through my 20’s. Just keep using that info to grow into the happiest, best YOU that you can be! Happy early birthday!!

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