Rose: Woods Workout

M is an avid kayaker, and while I don’t get out on the water as much as him, I love to go for a nice paddle when I can. Thanks to M and my parents, I was able to buy a kayak last year for my birthday. I love the vibrant color of my yak (bright orange!), and it’s the perfect fit for a smaller person like me. It only weighs 27 pounds (so I can carry it), and it’s only 8 feet tall. It fits perfectly upright on the balcony, which is also a plus.

The other night, M and I rushed home from work so that we could go for a quick paddle before his brother arrived for a visit. It was my first time on the lake (we normally take the canal), and I absolutely loved it — though not at first. Kayaking does not come naturally to me, so I’m always a little off kilter when I begin. Because I’m a little competitive, I get frustrated when I can’t “do it right.” Nevertheless, we ended up having a really nice, relaxing kayaking trip. And I’m definitely getting better and stronger at paddling.


We stopped off at a patch of ground that M likes to call “Fox Island.” There, I did a short workout circuit — something I’d recommended to M a while back. I do so many indoor workouts that I forget how fun it can be to exercise outside. You can use a tree, a log, the ground, whatever, to get a few reps in. I shot this little fun video for my Instagram.

Next time you’re in a woods, give this one a try: 3 sets of 10 each — situps, pushups and calf raises!

Nature is the perfect gym … I must admit.

Do you ever work out outside?


One thought on “Rose: Woods Workout

  1. I MUCH prefer to workout outside! Playground workouts are my favorites (when I happen upon a playground that’s not full of kids, I mean). The swings work great as suspension loops. The monkey bars are the perfect height for body hangs or pull-ups. Plenty of benches for bench lunges, bench squats, box jumps, etc. Plus, when it starts to feel like work – just stop and PLAY for a bit!

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