Rose: One-Year Soda Free

A year ago, I kicked diet soda to the curb. Granted, I wasn’t a regular consumer. I didn’t drink soda at home. I wasn’t hitting up the vending machine every afternoon. I restricted my consumption to outings only. But still, snagging a diet Pepsi was one of my favorite things to do, especially when my friends wanted to hit up the bar, and I didn’t want to drink. One way for me to avoid the beer and wine was to order a delicious, ice-cold diet pepsi. I thought nothing of it really and viewed it as a “treat.”

Now granted, I knew soda wasn’t “good” for you. I justified this behavior in a lot of ways. “I never drink soda.” “This is a treat.” “It’s better than wine.” Yes, some of those are true … But in the end, diet soda and soda in general is poison to the body. It’s barely considered a food item given how it’s chocked full of chemicals. To me, I was thinking, “Well, this is zero calories. Therefore, it’s good for me.” But I was so wrong.

Image: Diet sodas

I didn’t really have a grasp on how unhealthy soda was until I joined a clean eating challenge led by my coach Kam. She organized a 60-day group in which we’d cut out all processed foods from our diet. Using the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno, Kam showed us how to break bad habits and stop reaching for these perfectly packaged convenience foods.

Needless to say, soda had to go. And now, it’s been one year since I’ve had it, and I have to say, I don’t really miss it. It just dawned on me the other day how long it’s been since I’ve had soda. I’ve certainly had opportunities to partake. There was one moment a few months back where I had a diet coke in hand because no water was available. “Wait, I don’t drink soda anymore,” I told myself and put back the can. Not drinking soda actually became a really easy thing for me to do. Now, it’s almost a challenge. How long can I go without having any?

Here’s what I’ve noticed about myself since I quit soda:

  • I no longer overeat at restaurants. Part of this comes from following the 21-Day Fix. And the other part comes from not drinking soda. It’s been proven that soda encourages people to consume more. Without these cravings, I am satiated with less.
  • I’m not nearly as bloated. When I’d drink sodas, I would feel my belly just instantly distend. While I still get bloated from time to time, I really don’t have that gassy, uncomfortable feeling anymore.
  • My skin is a lot clearer. I also credit this to Shakeology, which I’ve been drinking every day for 1.5 years. Because I’ve eliminated soda and greasy foods from my diet, I have fewer breakouts by far.
  • I rarely feel drained. Soda gives you an initial rush that eventually wears off. This can lead to a “drained feeling.” This is something I really don’t experience anymore, especially since I started eating clean.
  • My sugar cravings have subsided. I rarely feel the need for something sweet. If I do, I just have an apple with some organic peanut butter. Problem solved.

Do you drink soda? Is this something you could limit or remove from your diet? If you’re ready to kick soda to the curb, leave a message in the comments. We can work through it together. In the end, your body will thank you!


3 thoughts on “Rose: One-Year Soda Free

  1. I’ve never been a fan of diet soda but I was drinking cola beverages pretty heavily until around 2010 or so. I had some pretty intense stomach issues and decided I was sick of taking those damn pills everyday. I decided – without doctor input – to eliminate fast foods and soda, and to reduce processed foods. Since then, I’ve only needed acid reducers a few times a year. Those flare ups can be easily pinpointed as caused by excessive stress, alcohol, or “eating like crap”. I can’t seem to break the habit of craving a root beer when I’m eating something greasy, but really – this happens maybe once a month, if even that.
    So, could I limit – yes! Most definitely! I have and will continue to do so. I have seen all of the benefits you mentioned as well as reduced stomach issues! Could I remove … I *could* but I know I won’t. Sometimes that root beer makes me happy, despite all the potential side effects.

    Oh, one other unexpected side effect: I lost 5 pounds. Back in 2010, I gave up soda first, but still ate fast food. This lasted for about a month or two. I lost 5 pounds and the only thing I changed was drinking water instead of soda. When I gave up fast food, I lost another 5 pounds. I wasn’t overweight anyway, so that lost weight just moved me lower into the ‘normal’ range for my height. I was the most excited about the elimination of stomach problems! That’s what truly kept me on board 😀

  2. I’ve tried multiple times to give up diet coke (I’m allergic to coffee), but this post has inspired me to give it another try!

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