Rose: Free Clean Eating Group

Participating in a clean eating group is the reason why I’ve become so invested in my own health. While I’d always been one on a diet (think: South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc.) back in the day, those crazy plans soon became unattainable for my life as an adult. Plus following those diets caused a lot of suffering — acid reflux disease, indigestion, bloating and chronic stomach aches.

About a year ago (when I quit soda), I joined a clean eating group with my coach Kam. The group focused on stripping processed foods from our diets. We began to focus our efforts on “clean foods,” those untouched by chemicals and preservatives. The focus was on eating from the earth, and the holistic hippie in me loved the approach.

clean eating

I was amazed as I watched myself transform. I lost weight but more importantly, I regained my health again. By stripping away those diet foods and chemically-laden treats, my body began functioning a whole lot better. I felt increased energy and could push harder in my workouts. And probably the best benefit of them all: my stomach aches went away.

Don’t get me wrong. I still get stomach aches — but only when I’m eating the wrong things. By focusing on clean foods, I learned my problem areas. Milk and cheese – and dairy in general – is a problem for me. I can’t digest lactose well, so now I stay away from those food groups (while getting my calcium elsewhere). Foods that are extremely high in fat (even healthy foods), cause intense stomach pains for me. So now I limit my intake while getting the appropriate amount daily.

I learned a lot about myself during that challenge group. I was dedicated daily and loved checking in with my group. We connected through a private Facebook page where we could share our triumphs and struggles. We’d post questions, recaps of our days and engage in daily motivational posts. Knowing that others were on the same journey with me kept me pushing forward. Those men and women soon became some of my best friends.

I want others to experience this same kind of accountability, which is why I became a health coach. I regularly run challenge groups related to fitness workouts or eating plans I’m following. But I can tell that some people are still afraid to commit. Whether it’s a lack of time, money or just dedication, some people are on the fence, when they should really be seeking to move forward and really make a change.

That’s why I’m going to run a FREE Clean Eating group challenge for 7 days beginning August 4. This group is for new challengers only. While I love my seasoned vets, they are on a different journey. This group (which will be limited to around 10 people), will focus on the basic principles of clean eating.


What You Will Learn:

  • What foods to eat
  • What foods to avoid
  • How to incorporate this into your daily life


  • Daily motivation

Interested in joining? Please leave a comment below, and we’ll connect. While this group will be run on Facebook, I’m also willing to guide challengers through email or text messages.

Looking forward to getting started!


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