Jenna: Summer Fitness Goals

I’ve really been looking forward to spending more time on my bike this summer. Sometimes the heat makes it impossible, so when I saw the temps were staying in the 70s-80s this week, I was determined to head out Saturday morning. I completed a big 8 mile circle and made sure to see both rivers before settling in this hammock for a bit.


I planned to run errands, and decided to just get those done while I was out on the bike. Since I headed out so early, I had time to eat lunch and then head out for an afternoon run. I really just love summer.



I will say, I think my knees may not be able to handle running anymore.  I made it three miles, but both knees were NOT happy about it. I had some pretty serious tightness and pain that afternoon and the next day. I’m not sure what to do about this. I really enjoy running, but not at the expense of my joints. Oh, age. Not cool.

I need to reassess my fitness goals. With nothing specific to train for, it’s been hard to push myself. Granted, I’ve still been getting 4-5 intense workouts in a week, but this has me maintaining. If running is off the table, what’s going to be next? I’ll have to think on this.



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