Rose: A Week in Pittsburgh

M and I just got back from a weeklong stay in Pittsburgh. We had family events and weddings on back-to-back weekends, so we decided to save on the turnpike fees and crash with my brother. It wasn’t necessarily a vacation (I had to work from “home”) but it was still much wiser than all that driving back and forth.

The week began last Saturday when I went to a Pirates game with my dad. Going to sports games is one of favorite past times, and I was glad we were able to fit a game in. I can’t go a summer without seeing some Pittsburgh baseball at one of the country’s finest ball parks. Spoiler: they won. And we got to watch fireworks.


My brother moved to a hip part of the city (North Side), and so the lodging was pretty sweet. It’s so close to downtown that my dad and I walked there after the game. While Princeton is walking friendly, I do miss me some city walking. (Good thing Philly is close enough to hit the pavement.) I spent as much time as possible on my brother’s front porch. This end of town is just so charming.


My working mornings were spent in familiar ways: coffee and yoga. This time, I had a different audience for my PiYO sessions. Buddah (my brother’s girlfriend’s dog) was totally disinterested in my yoga mat, however.



I will fully admit that it was hard to stay on track with my diet while away. Most days were spent eating little meals here or there with larger meals at night. On top of that, much beer was consumed in front of the fire, which soon became my favorite part of the evening.



This is a short recap because I’m writing while on my lunch break at work, and that’s soon coming to an end. Expect a longer post about my friend’s wedding in the coming days. For now, I need to get back to reality and my ever-looming list of emails!


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