Rose: Summer Reflections

Summer is going by in a flash, and I feel as though I’ve barely had time to reflect on how wonderful it’s been. This was my first full summer in Jersey, and it didn’t disappoint me. I’ve made the most of my weekends here and spent several fun-filled weekends in Western Pennsylvania. While I’m a little melancholy about it being August already, this is also a big month: my 30th birthday is fast approaching. Like Jenna, I’m not dreading turning the big 3-0. It just seems to make sense for who I am in this space.

All of that said, I want to write about this summer to give it a little credit. I continued to radiate this summer (my word for the year), despite being torn in several directions. I credit that to the good people in my life, and the memories we’ve created throughout this hot, balmy summer.

1. Softball. I joined a work softball team at the last minute. I was so happy to find this team. I’d been hunting around for months without much luck. Through a colleague, I heard about the “Princeton Social Professionals” softball team. They welcomed me with open arms, and I was able to play more than five games with them throughout the rest of the season.


2. My garden. I feared this baby wouldn’t grow. I left it unattended at times, parched and needing water. But finally I was able to eat some green beans and lettuce. My banana papers are well on their way now, too. And the other veggies continue to grow. I need to have a little more faith in myself, it seems. Growing plants in pots on a balcony isn’t that hard at all.


3. My challenge groups. These have really kept me on track throughout the summer. These are online accountability groups I run with Jenna or other friends to keep people on track with their health and fitness goals. I run them on Facebook where people can regularly communicate and connect. This forum allows them to be open and honest about their journey, and I’ve met so many incredible people through the process. Plus, it keeps me on track with my own fitness goals; I’ve been working on PiYO throughout this summer and hope to get certified soon.


4. Yoga at work. What a great offering! Every Wednesday, they offer a yoga class with a very cool instructor in our building. This is such a good reprieve from the grind of work. I come back to my desk feeling calmer and more ready to tackle the day.


5. Beach trips with friends. One day, we had a half day at work. A group of us got into a car and drove to the beach to the Patio Bar. It was the perfect kind of day. We had fancy drinks by the ocean and just talked and laughed. These are the kinds of afternoons I really cherish and don’t want to forget.


6. Sitting outside with M. One of our favorite things to do throughout the summer is sit outside. The bugs attack — yes. But we stay out as long as we can, put on bug spray and just bear it. The nights are so cool and wonderful. And the twinkly lights make that all the more enjoyable.


7. Walks around town. With nicer weather comes more trots around town. Some have been sweaty jaunts. Others have been a bit more peaceful and relaxing. Either way, I’ve gotten to spend a fair amount of time outdoors this summer, and that makes me really happy.


8. Spending time with friends and family. I’ve been blessed to see my friends and family often this summer. Trips back home. Visits to NJ or Philly. Throughout it all, I’ve gotten to spend such wonderful quality time with the people I care about most.

How has your summer been treating you?


3 thoughts on “Rose: Summer Reflections

  1. Unsolicited Tips:

    1. Bring an oscillating fan out with you when you sit on the balcony – it will keep most of the bugs away without needing to douse yourself in smelly bug repellent. Also, look for Cutter brand lemon eucalyptus repellent if you need an extra barrier. It doesn’t contain Deet and doesn’t smell yucky.

    2. I recently came across this watering kit. I’m brainstorming ideas for DIYing it, but the kit isn’t that expensive if you have less than 8 pots. Basically, you weave this tube through every pot you want watered and use the provided stakes to keep the tube in place. The other end of the tube connects to your water spigot. Then you get a water timer and set it to water when you want. More expensive timers allow you to set time/day but the cheap ones allow only an hour interval which should be just fine. (Lowes has one called “Mister Landscaper Drip Irrigation Patio Kit” but I’ve seen others around as well) (This is the water timer I have saved at Amazon:

  2. As I just mentioned on Jenna’s 30 til 30 post, turning 30 will be great! Being in a place where you’ve learned so much about yourself the past few years, you are entering a new decade knowing who you are and what you want and you keep growing into a great, strong, amazing YOU. I’m so happy to see you happy, Rose! 🙂 Happy early birthday!

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