Rose: One Month of PiYO

In early July, I started a new at-home workout program called PiYO. This program combines core-firming moves from Pilates with the strength and flexibility practices of yoga. The idea is to deliver a low-impact workout that tones your body and increases flexibility.

I wanted to try this program because I knew I needed to stretch. I’ve been pounding my body for far too long. Whether through running, the Insanity program or playing softball, my body experiences quite a few “shocks” when I exercise. Rather than burn out, I wanted to switch to a program that would literally cushion the blow. Plus, I’ve been really into yoga lately, and I wanted to move part of my practice to my home base, where I feel comfortable and relaxed.


Together with my online accountability group, I just completed the first month of PiYO. I will admit that I missed several workouts due to traveling. But overall, I completed 85 percent of this first month and certainly feel stronger as a result.

As with any workout program, this one has pros and cons. I will say that it has greatly changed my outlook when it comes to exercise. You don’t have to pound the concrete in order to get your sweat on. Just try the PiYO Drench DVD, which is 48 minutes long and works every single part of your body.


  • The time length is perfect. These days, I have time for a workout that is between 20-40 minutes. All of the PiYO workouts excepted DRENCHED fall within this time frame, making it easy to fold into your schedule.
  • Minimal equipment is required. Just you, a yoga mat and maybe a chair. Shoes are even optional for most of the workouts. With less to mess with, I get these done easier.
  • The variety is great. Each day seems to focus on a different body part, and the calendar is organized in a way that makes sense. You just need to follow it.
  • You can add on. It’s been hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I’m not jumping, running or going crazy. That said, I can easily add a 20-minute high intensity interval training circuit to my days right after PiYO. It doesn’t feel like too much.


  • Some of the workouts are too easy for me. There are two workouts in the series that are each only about 20 minutes long. If paired together, this is a heck of a workout. If done one day each, it just doesn’t feel like enough.
  • I don’t burn as many calories. I’m averaging between 150-200 per workout, which is really good. But some days I want to burn more than that, so I have to add workouts on (at least it’s easy to do).
  • Chalene moves through the workouts quickly. While I like this because it speeds things along, it can also get confusing if you aren’t looking at the screen.

Overall, I’m quite pleased that I bought this DVD. It was around $60 for the discs, which isn’t too bad considering you’ll have them forever. They are the perfect addition to my T25 routine, and I’m currently focusing on this hybrid calendar:


If you’re interested in learning more about PiYO or joining our challenge group, let us know.


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