Jenna: Sigh

Today the universe is screwing with me. I woke up super excited about leaving for my birthday trip tomorrow and it has just been one thing after another. Small, little annoyances. Some stressful work news. I feel on edge. I’ve been doing the 3 Day refresh, so I’m probably off my game there too. Sigh. Why?


I get stressed sometimes leaving for trips because I am a planner. I think (and make lists…and spreadsheets…) of the things that need to get done before I go, the money that can be spent while gone, and how I need to leave my place for when I return. Work can often feel like it punishes you for taking a break. However, I’ve gotten a lot better about taking time off and sticking to that. It’s really important for me to do that for myself.

I have to remember there are just days that feel like this. Sometimes it feels like a test. I know Rose has blogged about calming down by spending time with others – I usually need the opposite. I’m not always the best company when I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I sometimes just need time to decompress.

That’s my plan for tonight. Silently pack for my trip, and reflect on how lucky I am to be able to go. And I’ll re-read some of the lovely cards, letters and notes I have gotten from friends wishing me well as I enter into my 30th year. See? I feel better already.


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