Rose: August Garden Update

I am so proud of my little potted garden! Yesterday my mom emailed me to say that my lettuce was the best she’s ever had. Victory! It is so amazing to me what a little hard work can achieve (and when I say a little … I mean that!).

The great thing about potted plants is that, with fresh soil, you never have to weed the garden! The topsoil I used must be top-notch because I saw nary a weed in the garden. That makes maintenance super easy. I water the plants daily and once a week give them a natural fertilizer made from beet juice. And things have finally taken off!

Below are our superstars for the week:


Those are two, nearly grown cucumbers. I have been waiting patiently for these. Last year I grew more cucumbers than I could count in my large Pittsburgh garden. So I was a little sad when none were coming in. This week was a game changer!

My tomatoes are still green, but there are plenty of them. I must really want them to turn red because the other night I had a dream that they were red. I ran outside to check but then realized it was all an illusion 😦

The peppers. Now that’s a funny story. I guess I’d forgotten what we planted and mixed up the tags. The banana peppers (bottom left), kept growing like crazy. I kept saying to M, “What ARE those?” The thing is, I thought the banana peppers were one pot over (bottom right). Turns out I planted YELLOW bell peppers. I had no idea. So now there are about 10 banana peppers ready to go.

It’s been particularly fascinating to me to watch those peppers. They flower and then grow. There are tons of tiny little buds, and I delight in watching them sprout. I never grew peppers before, so this is a first.

Needless to say, I’ve gotten many fresh veggies from my garden! The other night I made a pasta dish with fresh rosemary, parsley and green beans — all from my balcony. Now this is the life 🙂


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