Jenna: Ditching Cable

Getting rid of cable is something I never even thought about doing. I always had TV growing up. I was allowed to have one in my room starting in 8th grade (of course it was purchased with my babysitting money).

With things being so crazy lately, I’ve barely watched it. A few weeks ago the thought occurred to me, “For this to be worth it, I really need to start watching more TV”. My next thought was the most important: That sounds like a TERRIBLE life goal.

I was spending about $145 total. I figured if I could cut this by $100, I’d have some extra cash and more time to read/workout/fit things in/feel better about my choices in general.

I love a good binge-a-thon on a great show as much as the next person, but I finally took the plunge. I purchased Apple TV and so far I’m really happy with it. I can watch Netflix and other networks that come pre-loaded. Lots of channels also have free access to their shows on their websites. I really haven’t missed it so far. To summarize, if you’re thinking about ditching cable:

You just have to be OK with not watching anything live. 

You’ll save some cash to spend on other things.

You don’t realize how much time you are spending on it til you ditch it. 

It’s another way to disconnect. 


It’s something to consider anyway!



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