Rose: Home from Petrolia

For the past 8 days, this was my home.


Unsurprisingly, it was easy to settle in there. My days in Northern California were spent with intention. The goal? Seamlessly unplug. Soak in my surroundings. Experience something new and different. Spend quality time with M.

It’s hard to put this into words, but something has changed since I’ve returned to the east coast. I read about these kind of transformations in the guest book where we stayed. Other people tried to verbalize this, too. You just feel different after staying in the hamlet of Petrolia, California. In that place, you realize how peaceful life can be … and how some things just really don’t matter.

Like the phone. Or Facebook. Or incessantly checking your email. When you are stripped of those things, you start to remember what it’s like to really live. How the world sounds when you’re reading a book. What your mind considers during the silence. The ease of going to bed each night totally exhausted from a day well spent.


When you travel these windy, dirt roads, you have a deeper appreciation for the past. How long it took people to travel before there were automobiles. What untouched acres of land look like. How completely isolated you can feel … while being more connected to the earth than ever before.


I told M that it would be easy to just pack up your things and move to this place. Live the way you were intended to exist. The real challenge is happening now. How can I take what I felt and learned in this little village and apply it to my everyday here? Is there a way for me to achieve the same kind of peace in my daily life?

This is the goal now — to figure out what really matters to me and spend time doing that (and only that). To not burden myself with tasks that are meaningless. To give my time and attention to the things that bring me the post joy. And to be good to this earth. After all, it is the only one we’ve got.

Here’s to many more posts exploring these themes. For now, I feel uplifted, renewed and ready to start better living my life with passion.


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