Jenna: Favorite Snacks

I have to eat a lot throughout the day to stay full. I try to pack everything I will need so I don’t spend extra cash. This also keeps me from buying chips or candy out of the vending machine. People make comments at work all the time about how much I eat. Meh, who cares.
Up first: Fage Total Plain Greek Yogurt. I use to be a loyal Chobani fan, and I still LOVE their pineapple and coconut but didn’t want the extra sugar on a daily basis. I like the creaminess of the 2% and can eat this plain with just a dash of honey (and cinnamon if I am feeling really crazy).


Green Tea. If I feel hungry, sometimes I will try a cup of this first. If I am still hungry I eat, but a lot of the time walking to grab tea is enough of a distraction from the boredom that I was actually feeling. And its full of antioxidants!



Hummus is a treat for me. I buy the family size to save per portion, and put it in my own container so I watch the portion size. Hummus is a great snack, but I’ve been known to finish the whole container in 2 sittings with some Pita Chips. That is a ridiculous amount of calories and sodium. This way, I am stuck with a healthy portion and bring veggies for dipping. hummus


Kind Bars: I always have 2 or 3 of these in my bag. When I’m in a meeting (or out with friends) I have a quick and healthy option to hold me until the next meal time. These have a good amount of protein and are very low in sodium. That’s hard to find with most “bars”. kindbarWhat are some of your favorite snacks?


3 thoughts on “Jenna: Favorite Snacks

  1. Wondering if I could find “Kind” bars in PA? I’m on a Greek Yogurt kick (Yoplait), with some blueberries tossed in. . . have also ate more cantelope and watermelon this summer than I have in my lifetime! So refreshing…

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