21 Day Wellness Challenge

We’ve been thinking a lot about where we want to focus our energy when it comes to healthy living. We don’t just want to focus on cleaning up our diets and moving our bodies. We want something more. That’s where the wellness challenge comes into play.

For our next online accountability group, we’ll be focusing and talking through total wellness. This will be hosted via a private Facebook group, where we will post daily. We will be your leaders, support, and coachs (and students, too). We’re hoping to get a group together that is looking to focus on some positive and spread some light into this world in whatever small way we can: that starts with us.

image (1)

The challenge will run for 21 days, September 8 – 28. Challenge commitments follow. (Keep in mind, this is a challenge. Don’t think you have to perfect or concur all of these right away. The goal will be to achieve each of them).

Workout at least 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  I challenge those that exercise regularly to up this and push yourself. Being a Beachbody coach, we can help you decide what workout to tackle that will work best for you.

*Eat clean, properly portioned meals. We will post resources to let you know what this means.

*Choose one small positive habit to tackle each day/week.  This could be as simple as “I will tell a friend I appreciate them” or “Send someone a thank you text”.

*Choose one small negative habit to eliminate each day/week. This could be as simple as “I will eliminate negative thoughts about my body”. “I won’t compare myself to other people.”

If you’d like to join us, comment below with your email address or message us on Facebook.  I can’t wait to get this started.


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